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Evony King’s Path Quests

Evony King’s Path Quests – This series of quests grant the players chances to gain items of moderate to high value. The best prize of this quest is the first prize that a player can obtain after completing everything. The quests are divided to 5 days. Each day in it 3 groups of quests.

Below are the details of all quests and what is asked in each one. Scroll down to Day 1 onwards, then you will find the prizes granted for those quests.

Day 1:

City Tax – Tax on resources for 3 to 110 times.

Hoarding Food and Lumber – In this task you should gather Food and Lumber from outside the City, starting from 5 to 50 Millions.

Mining Stone and Ore – In this task you should gather Stone and Ore from outside the City, starting from 5 to 50 Millions.

Day 2:

Unstoppable – In this quest you should defeat 20 Boss Monsters of 3.3 M power and above up to defeating 200 Boss Monsters with power of above 59.5 Millions

Try Your Best – This group of quests is about consuming Stamina, starting from 50 to 5,000 Stamina and the maximum rewards are 700 Gems, 500K Ore and other minor items.

Teamwork – Here there are 2 types of quests. Help speed up Alliance members’ timers for 10 times till 300 times. Then you have to Donate in Alliance for 10 times till 60 times.

Day 3:

Powerful Troops – This is an easy task, all you have to do is to save resources to train troops. It starts with 2,000 troops up to 200,000 troops.

God’s Blessing – From the city Shrine, you should Offer 1 time up to 100 times.

Heart of Healing – This is the worst one. You have to heal 1,000 troops up to 50,000 troops to complete this quest. Either you should leave troops unhealed before the King’s Path event starts then you heal it during Day 3 or you have to attack and get some of your troops wounded.

Day 4:

Every Little Make a Mickle –  Produce and claim 5 millions ressources (or any type) in the City.

Wheel of Fortune – From the Tavern try your luck with the Wheel of Fortune. Spin the wheel for 5 times up to 100 times to complete this quest.

Sharp Weapons – Refine equipment for 5 times up to 100 times.

Day 5:

Market Trade – All what you have to do here is to buy items from the Black Market for 1 time up  to 100 times.

War Horn – Participate in Alliance War for 1 time up to 60 times. You should be active in participating in  rallies to complete those quests.

Undefeated – Attack Level 22 and above main city and win for 1 time. Attack Level 27 and above main city and win for 3 times. Attack Level 30 and above main city and win for 5 times. Then another sub-group of tasks above killing 5,000 other players troops! It goes up to 100,000 other players’ troops. If you don’t have at least Level 33 Keep with Level 33 Forge and more than 5 millions troops, you won’t be able to finish this quest.

Completing Evony King’s Path every single quest of the 99 quests will grant you Historic General (Mehemed II). But if you don’t complete it, you will win anyways a chest for each quest completed, containing 1 Blue Material Chest, 1 K General Exp. and 10 Stamina. So if you have completed 10 quests out of 99, you will win at the end 10 Blue Material Chest, 10 K General Experience Exp and 10 units, of the 10 Stamina item.

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