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How To Get VIP Time in Evony Game

How To Get VIP Time in Evony Game – We already explained in a previous blog what are the VIP Points and the difference between the VIP Points and VIP Time and why both are important. As we presented how to get VIP Points.

Now to keep activating your VIP Level benefits you need to have enough VIP Time running. And this is how to to get more VIP Time Evony Game.

1- Go to the Store. Under the Items tab, choose Special and scroll down. You’ll find a VIP 1 Day item that you can purchase for 250 gems. The VIP 7 Days is at 1,500 gems while the best one is the VIP 30 Days valued at 4,000 gems.

2- Click on your Tavern, choose the Wheel of Fortune and play it! Each spin will cost you 100 Chips. Here you can win a VIP 30 Minutes (quantity 1) or 1 unit of a VIP 60 Minutes. But also this is a random drop and you cannot count on it.

3- Special Packages. The game offers you special deals that you can purchase. Inside it many items out of which VIP Time. The Powerful Boost is an example. For 99.99$ you can buy this package and you will get 25,000 gems (extra 15,000 hours Speedup Bonus) in addition a big number of Speed Ups items and resources and 2 units of VIP 7 Days. Also you can find one unit of VIP 1 Day in smaller Purchase Packages of 4.99 US Dollars.

4- In the Black Market (in the Market Building) you can get some VIP Time items like the VIP 60 minutes item at 6,000 Lumber. But the drop rates are very low and you cannot count on it.

The best way to get the VIP points is in the first point presented above.

Please note that you cannot find VIP Time in the Alliance Shop. There you can find only one item which is the 100 VIP Points at 15,000 Alliance Points.

Check out How To Get VIP Points in Evony Game by clicking here.

You can play the game for following this link here.

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