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How To Get Alliance Points in Evony Game

How To Get Alliance Points in Evony Game – Being in an Alliance is a must. The first and most important reason is: You’ll have a lot more fun while playing! Second you will not be able to thrive and develop your city solo in the game. Teamwork is the key in Evony. So when you’re an Alliance member you have 2 things to look at. Alliance Points and Alliance Honor. We will start with the first one and present how To Get Alliance Points in Evony.

1- Donate in the Alliance Science. Click on the Alliance icon in the lower right corner of your screen, then choose Alliance Science. A long list of enhancements will appear. For example: Ranged Troop Attack VII. Under it the value of each donation, in this case 7,500 Lumber. Each time you click on Donate, you will give away 7,500 Lumber and your Alliance will get points to enhance it’s Ranged Troop Attack level VI. Each time a donation is made, you will gain Alliance Points and Alliance Honor. With the Alliance Points you can buy many items from the Alliance Shop.

There are many options used to develop the Alliance Science like Construction Speed, Training Speed, Alliance Help Boost, Mounted Troop Defense, etc. And for each a different value of the donation. Each time you click on Donate a timer will appear to add 20 minutes. Once you cross 4 hours you will not be able to donate anymore and a cooldown period of 4 hours will start. Once it reaches zero you can donate again.

2- Participating in Alliance War against Bosses, like B10s or Hydras or Golems. We can take an example here. If you participate in Alliance War initiated by another player in your Alliance to attack an Lv44 Viking, you will win 100 Alliance Points (Also you will win 100 Alliance Honor). A Level 15 Phoenix will get you 600 Alliance Points, etc.

3- Initiating Alliance Wars against Bosses from your server map. When you attack a Boss you can win Alliance Points. We can give an example here: if you attack a Level 10 Griffin Boss, you will win 350 Alliance Points (in addition to winning Alliance Honor points).

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