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How To Get VIP Points In Evony Game

How To Get VIP Points In Evony Game – This tutorial gaming blog is related to Evony The King’s Return game on mobile application. We will explain briefly what are the VIP Points and Time then we will step into how 

To make it simple, you have to gain VIP Points to increase your VIP Level. And each VIP Level will get you a list of benefits. But it’s not enough to have VIP Points. You need to to have VIP Time to activate the benefits of your VIP Level.

This is an example of the benefits related to VIP Level 14. First the VIP 14 requires a total of 771,700 VIP Points. And it will offer you the following benefits: Free Construction Speed UP of 32 minutes. All resources production +18%, Free Tax Times +5 with Stamina Recovery Speed of +25%. The Construction Speed will increase by 16%. Also you Research Speed will increase by 18% when you are at VIP 14 and the Healing Speed will increase by +27%. In addition to so many other benefits that you check when you click under your Avatar icon on the upper left corner of your mobile when you are in the game application.

Once you are at level VIP 14 and in order to benefit from this VIP level features and benefits, you need to have VIP Time. VIP 30 Minutes for example will allow you to activate your current VIP Level benefits for 30 minutes. And you have the VIP 60 Minutes up to VIP 30 Days.

Now for the big question, how to to get more VIP Points in Evony Game

1- Go to Alliance, on the right lower screen corner. Choose Alliance Shop. Scroll down to find the 100 VIP points. It will cost you 15,000 Alliance Points. (Click here to learn how to get Alliance Points). This is the most reliable and sustainable way to get the VIP Points. You just have to keep earning Alliance Points.

2- Go to Store, choose the Membership tab under Store, and check the different card options. You have the Weekly Card at 4.99 US dollars , which will give you 500 VIP points instantly once you purchase it. The highest one is the Annual Cart at 99.99$ and will give you 10K VIP Points instantly once you purchase it.

3- Log-in to Evony mobile application game every day. This will allow you to gain more VIP Points. This is an example: if you log in to the game 50 days in a row, you will gain 630 VIP Points.

4- You can also win 100 VIP Points from the Server gifts which appears on the top of your city main gate (Server Gift Level 18). But this is a very random and the drop rate is very low, so you cannot count on it.

We appreciate the input and insight of our playmates, noticeable Voltage from DXL Alliance on Server 57. To Learn how to get VIP Time, click here.

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