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Riad Salemeh Is Afraid

Riad Salemeh Is Afraid – The man hired a private direct and live broadcast company instead of the Lebanese media, although he pays most of the owners of these institutions. But more than that, he asked that no reporters or journalists to be present in the same room while he’s giving his speech. He didn’t want any questions at all.

The most significant indication in Riad Salameh’s speech, in terms of content and form, is that a man lives in isolation from his country’s citizens, he lives in a different place and another time. The man does not really know what is going on in the minds and conscience of the majority of the Lebanese. It seems disconnection from reality is not a special characteristic for Lebanese political leaders only.

One of the most fatal latest problems in the Lebanese economy is the outrageous interest structure in Lebanon, which was based on a policy that the ruler administered in agreement with Lebanese local banks.

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