The Dogs’ Killer of Bsalim Revealed

Sam Khoury

The Dogs’ Killer of Bsalim Finally Revealed – Following the resentment of the Lebanese public opinion and the media buzz caused by the death of a number of dogs in Bsalim, after eating poison in public and private places with the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, the identity of the poisoner is finally revealed.

One of the town’s “mukhtars” called T. H. is the main suspect. He was identified after the video of one of the surveillance cameras was revealed. As he was walking while placing chunks of poison along the road. The sources add to “Al-Akhbar” News, that one of the families, who lost their own dog as a result of eating this poison, is in the process of filing a lawsuit against this “Mukhtar” with the Public Appeal Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun.

Bsalim, a town in the northern Matn district, witnessed series of dog poisoning, after the rumors talking about animals transmitting the Covid-19. Even though the Lebanese Veterinary Syndicate and its president Dr. Ihab Chaaban reassured the citizens, that there is no evidence that Coronaviurs can be transmitted to humans by pets. And this was published officially by the World Health Organization itself.

Sources from the Municipality of Bsalim did neither announce the full name of the killer officially nor the results of the investigation, for unknown reasons. Even though the Municipality itself led this investigation following the dogs’ death. Will animal cruelty still be tolerated in this country, and will the dogs’ Killer of Bsalim get the penalty he deserves?

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