Video: Tiger Loves to Eat Glass

Sam Khoury

Tiger Loves to Eat Glass? Tiger the very cute and lovely German Shepherd dog loves to eat glass. Or at least it looks like it, in this hilarious video. I’m very positive his mom Sarah and her family, don’t include glass in their dietary practices and habits. It’s not like she short list the supplement she needs: fiber, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D and… glass. So surely he didn’t pick it up from her!

But like most our canine companions, dogs do seek to capture our attention relentlessly. They are social animals after all. And the relationship status in their pack matters a lot for them, even for their quality of life. It is not clear if Tiger is a dominant alpha looking to dominate his pack (in this case Sarah and her family) but what’s crystal clear is: somehow Tiger by mistake managed to grab a bite of the coffee table glass by mistake!! or by licking it maybe! which drew high positive energy with the humans around him who laughed so hard or showed him positive relaxed energy or feedback for the situation, which in his doggy mind translated into: They are paying attention to me! Let’s do that again! Specially that German Shepherds are super smart dogs and they can learn very fast.

The good thing, Tiger is very safe. His family always looks after his wellbeing and safety. Very few times, every once a while, a good laugh, now in the quarantine, is not bad at all.

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