Municipality in Koura Threatening To “Remove” Stray Animals

Municipality in Koura Threatening To Remove Stray Animals – Btouratij is a village in Al Koura, 5 Kilometers away from Tripoli, North Lebanon, with an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. It’s Municipality announced that the police will start removing all stray animals because they are considered dangerous as they spread diseases in the light of the new coronavirus outbreak.

Many animal lovers from the village expressed their discontent from forbidding them to walk their dogs, even though they are taking the right measures and social distancing when doing so.

The Municipality did not specify how they will “remove” the stray animals and where they will take them? Do they have shelters for dogs? For cats? Nothing is clear, even the claim that stray animals spread diseases is not very accurate, and referring to studies about this is not accurate neither because there are so many zoonotic diseases that can be spread and it’s not related to corona at all.

On the other hand, the Lebanese Veterinary Syndicate through its president Dr. Ihab Chaaban assured people that pets do not transmit the covid-19 as per the World Health Organization and urged people not to abandon their dogs on the streets.

Municipality in Koura Threatening To Remove Stray Animals

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