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Youth of Lebanon are the victims of the economic country’s woes.

Tina Naffah

Lebanon has always been affected by the economic crisis.Youth of Lebanon are the victims of the economic country’s woes. Several issues have emerged progressively due to the economic crisis from the garbage problem, to the tourism, the hospitality and beverage field and many other; however, one major problem that is currently creating a dilemma in our current day to day lives in the increase of the unemployment rate.

The unemployment rate is affecting all the population regardless of age and experience. In Lebanon the unemployment rate measures the number of people looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force, “the overall unemployment rate in Lebanon stands at 25%”. The unemployment case in Lebanon has been undergoing in depth studies regarding the causes that is resulting in the  increase rate of unemployment progressively on yearly basis, and it has been plagued by one of its worst unemployment crises in history combined with domestic and regional political instability and a massive influx of refugees fleeing war from our neighboring country Syria. The youth of Lebanon are becoming the victims of the economic country’s woes.  Every year around 30,000 to 35,000 young people graduate from different fields of expertise and only 5000 of which are offered jobs annually, which leaves a 30,000 who are still searching for jobs in their field and others. Many young graduates till date cannot find a decent job to make a minimal living.

Moreover, in previous years, young graduates used to find a substitute for job opening were the majority of them used to travel to the Gulf region of the African countries, but now, with the drop of oil prices and the rising of the security concerns, we have a reached a more severe crisis where the employment opportunities in the traditional external markets as previously stated have decreased in their labor force and the majority of the Lebanese expatriates are returning back to their homeland due to the shrinking of opportunities. In addition to that, some countries have toughened the entry regulations which in turn are limiting the employment possibilities.

 The situation is evolving every year and till date there is no current solution that can help reduce the unemployment rate; however, on the long run the oil and gas sector is bound to create considerable employment opportunities at all levels. Youths are always in continuous search for job openings locally and globally and hopefully he situation will come to and end and the economy will prosper once again. There is no time limit nor any guarantee, but one has to look forward in life and should thrive for the best.

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