Why Aoun Is Not Leading By Example

A huge wave of objection rose with the Lebanese President Michel Aoun trip to New York, which made every one ask, why Aoun is not leading by example? He was the one who asked the public sector employees and the Lebanese people in general to sacrifice in some of their earnings in moment of economical stress. So how come he is not?

People were shocked when they read in the Lebanese Official Gazette. The trips’ expenses went up to one million US Dollars, while back in Lebanon, so many social and living issues are still not solved, like the electricity and it’s historical failure, the garbage, the environment, etc. 

In addition to the fact that the US dollar is not available anymore, banks are not changing LBP to USD. While businesses are struggling paying their suppliers, which made the Lebanese Pound loose value. And now the currency exchange black market is wide open.

Were 77 people necessary to go to New York? Even rumors said the hairdresser accompanied the Lebanese group to the United States. Social Media activists were shocked. But regardless of this, why the group was so large while much bigger countries, wealthier countries had much smaller groups traveling to New York? Lawyer and civil activist Wasef Al Haraki stated to Al Hurra that such kind of expenses should be cut off, even if it covers more than one trip and not only the last one to New York. “We are in front of a scary failure” that’s how he explained it. “It’s a shame to have such a delegation traveling this way”.

Antoine Choukeir, the Lebanese Presidency General Manager announced to Al Hurra that this one million US Dollars were to cover many presidential trips outside Lebanon. Some of it happened in the past. Al Haraki said that many ministers paid from their own pockets to cover their ministries’ specific expenses, just to hold strong their administrations. So when all the International Community is pressuring on Lebanon to show real reform, not just Lebanese insignificant jibber-jabber mumbo jumbo speeches, everyone is wondering when some of the politicians will really start to lead by example to save this country.

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